Prof. Dr. Cecile Baeteman

Quaternary geologist
Cecile Baeteman
+32 2 788 76 26
Key Projects
  • IUAP /14VII: Great Mesopotamia: Reconstruction of its Environment and History (2012-2017).
  • EDMONET (2009-2012).
  • IUAP VI/34: Greater Mesopotamia: Reconstruction of its Environment and History (2007-2011).
  • Synthesis BE-TAF-1630: "High-resolution dating of late Holocene tidal-channel deposits in the belgian coastal plain using optical dating techniques", (2006).
  • IUAP V/14: "The Land of Sumer and Akkad (2002-2006).
  • EUROSEISMIC (2002-2004).
  • EU MAST III, EUMARSIN (1998-2000).
  • Investigations on Quaternary Geology, Hydrology and Engineering Geology in the framework of land subsidence of Shanghai and Changzhu (P.R. China), (1986-1989).
Professional experiences

01/01/2002 > ongoing: Senior Geologist

Geological Survey of Belgium

01/09/1986 > ongoing: Quaternary Geologist at the Geological Survey of Belgium

Geological Survey of Belgium

01/10/1985 > 31/08/1986: Geologist at "Natuurlijke Rijkdommen en Energie" Vlaamse Gemeenschap

Vlaamse Gemeenschap

01/07/1972 > 30/09/1985: Quaternary Geologist at the Geological Survey of Belgium

Geological Survey of Belgium
Academic training

01/09/1977 > 31/03/1981: PhD

MSc in Quaternary Geology
Vrije Universiteit Brussel

01/09/1976 > 30/09/1977: MSc in Quaternary Geology

MSc in Physical Geography
Vrije Universiteit Brussel

01/09/1968 > 30/06/1972: MSc in Physical Geography

Vrije Universiteit Brussel


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01/04/2012 to 31/03/2017

Greater Mesopotamia: Reconstruction of its Environment and History

Our aim is to contribute to a comprehensive study of depositional sedimentary environments, their evolution and the human interaction within the region. Regarding the latter topic it is our aim to detect how settlement patterns changed in relation to changing sea-level, shoreline displacements and to changing watercourses.
01/01/2012 to 31/12/2015


This project aims the reconstruction of climatic and environmental variability during the Eemian period, based on an intercomparison of marine carbonate bivalves from coastal sedimentary cores and independently dated calcite speleothems.
01/01/2002 to 31/12/2006

IUAP Project: The Land of Sumer and Akkad

The main objective of this IUAP- project is to investigate the interaction between the palaeoenvironments and the development of the social, political, and economic institutions of the populations in Mesopotamia in the middle and late Holocene.
01/01/2002 to 31/12/2006

IUAP Project: The Land of Sumer and Akkad

Reconstructing History and Environment of the Mesopotamian Plain.
01/01/2002 to 31/12/2004

EUROSEISMIC: European Marine Seismic Metadata and Information Centre

The principal objective of EUROSEISMIC is to compile a metadatabase of seismic profiles which image the European seabed and sub-seabed and are held by the project partners.
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