Kim Quintelier

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Professional experiences

01/01/2007 > ongoing: Osteoarchaeologist

Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences

part of a convention between the Brussels-Capital Region and the RBINS (part-time work)

01/11/2005 > ongoing: Osteoarchaeologist

Flanders Heritage Agency, Brussels

part-time work

Academic training

01/09/2001 > 30/06/2005: Master of Archaeology

Master of Archaeology (magna cum laude)
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
01/04/2012 to 30/09/2017

CORES: Comparing regionality and sustainability in Pisidia, Boeotia, Picenum and NW Gaul between Iron and Middle Ages (1,000 BC - AD 1,000)

The aim of the project is to approach the concepts of regionality and sustainability in four ancient regions, Pisidia, Boeotia, Picenum and NW Gaul, from 1000 BC to 1000 AD, through the interdisciplinary study of long-term waves of regional change and development in a comparative framework.
01/01/2007 to 31/12/2014

Archaeosciences applied to sites in the Brussels Capital Region

Archaeozoological, archaeobotanical and anthropological analyses on sites from the Brussels-Capital Region in order to reconstruct the former environment, agricultural practices, human diet and health, and funerary practices.
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