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Brussels Nature Education Centre (BNEC) is a Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences (RBINS) service, subsidised by Brussels Environment (IBGE) with the support of the Bruxelles-Capitale region. BNEC’s mission for nearly twenty years has been to create and run small exhibitions about humans and nature. These exhibition-workshops do not have information texts and can only be visited with a activity leader. In Belgium these workshops are carried out in French or Dutch. When the exhibition goes on tour, our team trains the new leaders hired by the receiving institution.  Every new exhibition-workshop travels around the different communes in the Bruxelles-Capitale region for two years. They are suitable for families or groups of up to thirty primary pupils aged six to twelve.

Visuel de l'expo-atelier "Classific'Action": différentes espèces vivantes réparties sur l'affiche sans respect des tailles de chacune

For more information about this activity, please consult this page in French or in Dutch.

Nocturnal Animals (Veilleurs de nuit)
Nocturnal Animals

We sleep during the night because our species is one of the vast majority of animals that are adapted to diurnal life. Some species, however, rest during the day and are active at night. Their senses are often differently developed to our own.

When night falls there is less light, humans are less active, and there is a significant drop in noise pollution. Nature returns to the centre stage. Are you ready to wake up your senses and set off on a journey to meet the strange inhabitants of the night?

affiche Water l'Eau
Water l'Eau

Touring exhibitions/workshops of the Brussels Centre for Nature Education (CBEN)

A department of the Royal Institute of Natural Sciences of Belgium, subsidized by Brussels Environment with the backing of the Brussels-Capital Region.

The centre's mission for more than 15 years has been to create exhibitions/workshops for a primary school audience based on the theme of urban nature. These exhibitions tour the 19 municipalities of Brussels and are available free of charge, upon reservation.

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