Activity for Individual: paleoLAB during holidays (5+)

Experiment - Discover - Play

Are you crazy about fossils, dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures? Then come along to our paleoLAB! There are 2 sessions per day at 13:30 and 15:00. Buy your tickets online only!

In this unique discovery space in the Dinosaur Gallery you will take on the role of a palaeontologist, then that of a geologist and anthropologist. You’ll get a chance to touch, try, explore and puzzle over real fossils. You can take part in digs, discover fossils or rebuild a skeleton. You can also put together a life-size stegosaurus, make a fossil print or follow dinosaur footprints. There's much more: you can examine and classify minerals, wear a prehistoric outfit or just quietly read an interesting book about dinosaurs.

A great activity for the whole family!

Available in English, French and Dutch.


Target Audiences:
Kids, Families
Age category:
From 5 to 12 years old

Only open during the (Belgian) school holidays, children must always be accompanied by an adult.

During the summer holidays: from Tuesday to Friday (no sessions on 15.08)

During the Carnival and Easter holidays: from Tuesday to Sunday

During Christmas holidays; from Tuesday to  Sunday (no sessions on 24, 25, 31.12 and 01.01)

Children must always be accompanied by an adult.

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